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"If circumstances force you from your premises, access to our Office Recovery Suites will allow you to re-create both your office and IT environment within hours so your critical operations can be up and running, with a minimum disruption to your staff, customers and communications.

We advertise more Office Recovery Suites in the UK than any other Company. We make it our job to know about all the available Office Recovery Suites - not just the ones we own ourselves. This means we will happily recommend the right one for you rather than push you toward the location that we prefer.

These Recovery Suites are designed to allow the back office, adminstration and key technical staff at our clients the option of working from an alternative locaton should access be denied from their normal place of work. Each Suite position includes a desk, chair, pedestal, desktop PC and both voice and data communication technology, all at a very cost effective price. At each location there is also a Server Recovery Suite which can be used with or without the Office positions. Here you can recreate your IT infrastructure using our hardware and Internet Access.

You have the peace of mind that Adam staff will be on hand to assist the relocation of your staff into our Recovery Suites in a controlled and organised way. "


  • Work Area Location: Basingstoke / Hemel Hempstead / Caerphilly / Solihull
  • No of Seats: 60 / 56 / 100 / 120
  • Internet Connection: Yes
  • Hosting: Yes
  • Data Vaulting: Yes
  • Data Replication: Yes
  • Ship to Site: Yes
  • Mobile Recovery: Yes
  • Platforms Supported: All Platforms
  • Consulting: Yes

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Adam Continuity
Hampshire International Business Park
Lime Tree Way
RG24 8GQ

Tel: 01256-378001

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